The period upon discharge from hospitalization is very crucial - especially for elderly adults. Continuity of Care, when the patient is discharged from the hospital, involves critical elements that enable planned recovery and potentially reduce avoidable re-hospitalization.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, about 1 in 5 elderly patients are re-hospitalized within 30 days of discharge from the hospital. A significant number of these re-hospitalizations are preventable that occur due to the uncoordinated care pervading the system currently.


Major causes of preventable re-hospitalizations include:

Unclear instructions

Medications not taken as advised

Failure to comply with follow-up visits


Numerous studies have shown that if continuity of care is provided with concerted effort after the patient is discharged, not only is the number of re-hospitalizations reduced, but also the health outcomes turn out to be better. Continuity of Care provided by a meticulous program is vital for any post-discharge care.


Hestia’s Continuity of Care Program consists of:

Coordination with Discharge Planners

Development of post-discharge Care Plan including comprehensive home assessment, if needed, to ensure conformance to the patient’s changed needs

Implementation plan for medication management

Escort for follow-up visits to the required health care practitioners (including setting up appointments and providing transportation).

Assistance with personal care and daily activities of living (ADLs)


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