My Personal Journey

Hestia Care Services was born out of my personal journey – my life experience with my mother and her home, our home. This life experience helped me realize the importance of “Home” to a person and its capacity to enable the person age with dignity and importantly, in a familiar environment. Familiarity – with the living space, its surroundings and its people.

"Aging at home with skilled and compassionate care" – was the answer that we, the children, arrived at, with a resounding attestation from my mother.

The search for this answer, albeit simple in hindsight, carried the entire family through eight agonizing years of tribulations, complicated by really long distances separating all of us. The incessant impediment was finding the right caregiver – a nurturing, compassionate one.

The experience opened my eyes to the need and the enormous importance of “Right Caregivers” and the pivotal role they play in the well-being and happiness of not just the person in need of care, but the entire family.

With subsequent reflection and research, I decided to launch Hestia Care Services – to provide the same quality of caregiving as we now have for my mother, to remove the stress and turmoil for all family members just as we were able to do with our family.


Who is Hestia?

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home.

The following excerpt from among many descriptions of Hestia, embodies the values and mission of our company:


Hestia is the Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home Hestia Goddess of Hearth and Home


"....Non-judgmental and forgiving, her “unconditional love” and calm acceptance inspired the love and trust of others in return.
Dependable and caring, Hestia was always there for them and helped them to manage their lives...."

…and this is how Hestia Care Services was born.

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Balu Rudra
Certified Senior Care Manager & Founder