An estimated 1.5 million senior adults (65 years or older) identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual. This number is projected to double by 2030 according to a report by the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. Providing superior care for LGBT seniors requires, as a first step, an understanding of their unique life experiences.

Empathetic Sensitivity is a cornerstone in providing genuine care to LGBT seniors. It is a well-known fact that vast majority of LGBT seniors lived a life facing prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. It is not only important to be aware and sensitive of their life’s circumstances but also to use the knowledge in creating better outcomes for the special challenges that arise in their senior life.

Hestia Care Services provides the highest quality of care to LGBT seniors through our comprehensive “Empathetic Sensitivity Training Program” designed for our caregivers and support staff. All our policies and procedures take into consideration – sexual orientation and gender identity issues, as well as racial and ethnic identities.


Hestia's Care Services for LGBT Seniors consist of:

Rainbow Icon Confidential assessment of the client needs.
Rainbow Icon Development of the Client Care Plan with input and feedback from key persons involved in and responsible for the client.
Rainbow Icon Implementation of the Care Plan after careful selection of caregivers with appropriate experience and training.
Rainbow Icon Supervision and Monitoring of the care provided to the client.
Rainbow Icon Assistance with personal care and daily activities of living (ADLs).
Rainbow Icon Meal Preparation and Medication Reminders.
Rainbow Icon Transportation and Escort as needed.


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