So many choices. Which one is the best for me?
We offer counseling and assessments to help determine the appropriate level of care - is assisted living even right for you?
We help to negotiate the lowest facility price possible for you and your family.
We address all health concerns including Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes - short or long term placements.
Let us drive! We will schedule tours and take you to the best facilities in your area.
We will never charge you or your family a fee - all services are free!
We help you work with the best financial planners on how to prudently afford long term care. The goal is to ensure that no one outlives their finances.
Our Certified Senior Care Managers work as Transition and Case Managers providing support, counseling, and accessing services at the time of move.


There is much to know about assisted living and board & care facilities before you can make an educated decision. You do not have to make this life changing decision alone. Hestia Care Services can help.


For further information, call us at 617.910.2200 or fill out our Contact Form.