A partner in care, so you are not alone.


The Path to Living a Full Life with Alzheimer’s or Other Forms of Dementia

When someone receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, the world changes. Most families don't know what to expect or how to best provide the needed care.

We at Hestia Care Services understand. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive dementia care training. With a holistic approach, our experts are successful in anticipating needs, communicating effectively, managing behaviors and enhancing quality of life.

With Hestia’s dementia care experts, our team provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.


Expert Memory Care Team

Our Professional Care Managers are teamed with experienced Caregivers.

Professional: Care Managers provide ongoing professional evaluations, modifications to the Plan of Care and Caregiver supervision. The Care Manager is your single point of contact.

Adaptive Styles: Our Caregivers are trained on communication, activities and providing personal care. All are vital to our success.

Result: Guidance by experts in dementia care.


"My Story"

Our holistic approach begins with obtaining a psychological history. We partner with families to gather meaningful information about what our client values.

Understanding: Your loved one's personal story creates the foundation for the entire Plan of Care. It provides insights to needs that perhaps our client is not able to articulate.

Living with Purpose: Living with dementia means finding a sense of purpose and moments of celebration in daily life. We structure our client's day with activities and interactions that are connected to who they are and which are designed to bring a smile to their face.

Result: Not only maintains, but enhances quality of life for your loved one.


Support and Resources

Family Support: The impact of the diagnosis is often most felt by the family. Our Care Managers partner with family members to help navigate the journey. They are a vital link to resources and support that family members need in order to be successful in their role.

Resource Identification: Hestia Care Managers have access to a wide spectrum of quality resources available specifically for seniors with dementia and their family members.

Result: A partner in care, so you are not alone.

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