A growing number of older adults are responsible for the care of their mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled adult child. As these parents age, they become less able to provide direct care for their children.

Hestia Care Services has a solution. In the same way that we approach eldercare, we can help the senior and the family with a plan that specifically addresses the special circumstances of aging parents with dependent adult children. With Hestia Care helping them in complex and difficult situations like this, families know they're not alone … that they have a partner in caring for their loved one.


Hestia's Care Services for Adult Children with Disabilities consist of:

Detailed assessment of the client needs.

Development of the Client Care Plan with input and feedback from key persons involved in and responsible for the client.

Implementation of the Care Plan after careful selection of caregivers with appropriate experience and training.

Supervision and Monitoring of the care provided to the client.

Regular communication with client’s family that includes solicitation of feedback and changes to the care plan, if any.

Assistance with personal care and daily activities of living (ADLs).

Transportation and Escort as needed.


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